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Gemological Institute of Nigeria (GIN)

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Gemological Institute of Nigeria (GIN) is set up to offer a unique combination of global-class academics and training in the field of gemology. GIN is to set the standard for gemology in Nigeria.

The institute offers training programs that will help the student learn about the varieties of gemstones, teach students how to identify gemstones, how to grade gemstones, appraise them, learn the terminologies of the industry as well as the proper usage of gemology instruments.

GIN is instituted to offer certified professional courses in gemology to interested participants, research into diverse aspects of gemology, offer laboratory services for the testing, grading, and polishing of gemstones and instrument development for trainers. Likewise, to analyze, inspect, grade, standardize and assure the quality of gems and precious metals productions to build the confidence in the quality of Nigerian gems in the international market.

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The mission of the Institute is to ensure the trust of the public in mining and marketing of gemstones by upholding the highest standards of academic study, integrity, science and professionalism through education and research.


To develop into a well-known institution globally by supporting gemology as a science and techniques and the development of gemological training and education.



The GIN board of governor consist of stakeholders in the mining sector. They will direct the strategy of the institute to ensure that the mission and vision of GIN are followed in all decisions, that the reputation of GIN is preserved and continues to grow and also to ensure that the financial goal of the institute is achieved. Each member of the board offers a unique perspective based on their experience in retail, research, education, finance, law, manufacturing with some having extensive international experience. The board also ensures all GIN activities fall under the same governing concept.

Vice Chairman
Chief Danladi Bala
Alhaji Sani Shehu
Dr. Aliyu Idi Hong
Ogbonna Okuku


GIN’s Executive Staff consists of a diverse group of highly experienced professionals from both within and outside the gem industry.

They are responsible for carrying out the Institute's mission to protect and ensure public trust, the team follows a strict code of ethics and seeks to infuse each initiative that GIN undertakes with dedication and value-driven purpose. The Executive Staff maintains daily operations in all areas of the Institute and promotes the continued growth of GIN.

Anna Momoh
Director General
Joanne Ryder
Christian O. Ezeokafor
Victoria Akai-Dare
Executive Director
Gerald Muoeboh

About GIN

Supporting Gemology as a science and techniques and the development of the gemological training and education.

  • BEST Centre Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry Km 8 Airport Road Lugbe Abuja
  • +234 (802) 673 4223, +234 (811) 797 9455, +234 (909) 222 0789
  • info@gin.org.ng

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